I’m back

Well, I have been ignoring this site long enough. I also have to apologize that I have not been writing. I really need to get down to brass tacks and pick up “The Nanites” again.

A while back (a very long while back) I hit a wall. I would sit and stare at the screen for hours and nothing would flow. I don’t know, maybe I was trying to force it to hard. I was afraid that I had burnt out. Bummer.

But now I have decided that blockage or not I have to write. I will just see where the keys take me on this new journey.

Changed Gears

Yes, I am still writing but I have switched stories. Had a good dream with the basics of a story. It is a sci-fi type. Here is a little taste from it.

Titled: The Nanites

** Prologue **

In the near future the world will be a much better place. There will be no war or sickness. The population growth will be in negative numbers. Clean air and water in abundance. The world is healing and it is getting to be an even nicer place to be with each passing year.

The ultra-rich have finally found a way to have their cake and eat it to, with no questions asked.

Something is wrong… seriously wrong

Writing again

I have been in a dry spell since releasing my “How I Quit Smoking – My Story” ebook.

But that has now broken. Well, slowly breaking free. I have started on what will be a Horror Shorts. It will have about 5-8 horror short stories in it. Depending on word count per story. I will be shooting for an over all word count of 30-40 thousand.

Hopefully will be ready for publishing in March of 2012.


Long time no posts. Sorry about that. I really must do better. Here is the update for my writer followers. I need my proof readers now on this project. :)

1) I have completed a short story that I could not show anyone. It is a variation of my short horror story “It Waits”. It is titled “The Rental House”. I will be doing a horror ebook composed of horror short stories that I write. It will be included in that ebook.

2) I have also been working on my very first non-fiction ebook. It will also be a short. My guess in the 10,000 – 15,000 word range. It will be in the “How-To” type line but different. Simply put it will be my very own story of how I quit smoking. I hope people enjoy it after completion. I will need proof readers in a bit for this one.

Besides life going on that is all for now.